Depending on the product, target market and geographical expansion intentions, you should identify the sales alternatives for your brand that are realistically achievable and will lead to success in the shortest possible time. With success we do not mean that the investment costs of brand adaptation will be returned in the short time, but rather that the necessary steps in branding, definition of the unique selling proposition and ultimately the relation price-quality are adapted to the market demand. Once this has been done, we will proceed to define and set the sales channels and alternatives in order to attain sales target.

Possible sales alternatives for brands entering a new market are:

1. Sales channel’s extenstion to selected markets through:

  • A brand sales agent or sales agency (B2B), which is selling to offline and / or online retailers. Collections or products are presented in showrooms and / or at trade fairs.
  • Getting direct access to the largest and specialized online platforms and retailers in Germany and other EU countries (B2C).
  • Main requirements: Payment of a fee for technical adjustments to provider’s backend, necessary to communicate with the online shops and storage of stock in Germany.

    Overview of online market places and retailers offered.

    2. Own brand strategy or brand autonomy. The brand stablishes by its own ressources in the market, either using its own showroom or franchise, point of sales  or / and own online shop.

  • 3. A cooperation partnership: Cooperating with another company commercializing products that complement ours. This cross-selling or together market interaction alternatives are currently very popular to quickly establish own products in a foreign market.  We also have hier the option to commercialize our products keeping the brand name or commercializing them unter the partner’s brand.


  • 4. Investment or even buying an existing company that is successfully commercializing similar or complementary products.


  • If you do not feel sure which option is more suitable for your brand expansion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will pleasantly advise you about the most suitable alternatives free of charge.
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