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At ONRetail we focus on an efficient planning of the supply chain of your brand in the expansion process. This is how we achieve optimal distribution of products, efficient partner and customer response and you can generate sales quickly. We accompany you until you successfully enter the market and achieve the desired level of awareness for your brand. 

We offer the following modular services:

MARKET SUPPORT:  Advice and support for your activities in the targeted market.

ECOMMERCE KICK: Online sales channel via eRetailers and marketplaces.

ON SUPPLY CHAIN: Extension and optimization of the affected supply chains in the expansion of your brand with a focus on sales and sales planning, overall costs, product communication, information systems and logistics. With this module, we use the experience and know-how of our international logistics partner BRICKLOG.

BRAND BOOSTING: Turbo boosting for your own brand shop, local look and local presence.

In addition to optimal market coverage of brand requirements and development, we guarantee a high degree of cost transparency based on our service modules. Thanks to the cooperation with local partners, the price-performance ratio is very favorable.

We can currently offer you our services in almost all EU-markets.

 ON Supply Chain

In the ON Supply Chain service, the three basic components of the brand’s supply chain(s), namely information (data), marketing and logistics, are analyzed using typical supply chain management planning and control tools. An efficient combination of all these factors allows us to achieve optimal expansion results in terms of time, cost, quality, flexibility and end-user satisfaction. We set a cost efficient supply chain management strategy. The service includes: 

    • MARKET PLAN: Editing the market (business plan) and review of pricing.Determination of recommendations to action.

    • DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: Review of options and select the appropriate ones.Support and finalization of negotiations with selected local partners. Monitoring of the existing ones.

    • MARKETING: Realization of the (online) marketing plan and product communication with a view to achieving an efficient end customer response.

    • INFORMATION SYSTEMS:Review and adaptation of existing information systems to ensure optimal data transfer between partner companies.

    • LOGISTICS (Fullfilment): Review and, if necessary, optimization of all logistics processesSearch for matching retailers and partners.

Market Support

Consulting on organizational and coordinative steps required to be taken for market entry and brand establishment up to the optional founding of a local company, including the search of suitable funding programmes in the target market.
The service includes:

  • CONSULTING (Brand): Advice on pricing, competition analysis, image building, product adjustments, packaging.

  • CONSULTING (law): Legal business requirements and tax advice.

  • LOCAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Personnel search, real estate search (such as suitable locations to open a brand shop). Selection of suitable distributors or sales agents.

  • BRANDING, COMMUNICATION: Optimization of web presence and content (customization of brand presentation and text translation). 

+49 (0) 221 30200171

 Ecommerce Kick

A cost-effective access to the main marketplaces in Europe and China. For brands that need a high degree of visibility in the markets and want to establish themselves in a very short time. The service includes: 

    • INTERFACE CLOUD: Platform access to the eRetailers and marketplaces.

    • PRODUKTMANAGEMENT: Advice on brand presentation and product selection.

    • ONLINE CONTENT STRATEGIE & MANAGEMENT: Individual adjustment of the brand content strategy for optimal conversion.

    • PROJEKTMANAGEMENT: Process monitoring and implementation, sales development.

    • FULFILLMENT: Storage, handling, order shipping and returns management.

    • CUSTOMER SERVICE (1st & 2nd Level): Customer service hotline and mailbox.

Brand Boosting

The turbo boost for your brand!

We create the optimal local look for the brand’s online shop by setting up excellent brand communication, content and keywords. The logistics (warehouse and fulfillment) are also local. We promote the brand shop on outstanding boosting platforms The result is an optimal customer journey with a positive effect on conversion and customer loyalty. The service includes:

  • ONLINE CONTENT STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT: Individual adjustment of the brand content strategy for optimal conversion. Local brand communication and content (not just translation).


  • FULFILLMENT: Storage, handling, order shipping and returns management.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE (1st & 2nd Level): Local customer service hotline and mailbox.


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